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II. Communication with Department Chair/Division Chief

  1. Purpose
    The Chair/Chief is responsible for maintaining the teaching, clinical care, administration, and research roles of the Department/Division. He/she must balance of these activities with the existing faculty, staff, and financial resources of the Dept/Division. Therefore, he/she must be involved in any preliminary discussions regarding potential retrospective or prospective research investigations involving human subjects.

  2. Process
    The process of communication with the Chair/Chief applies to:
    • Investigator-initiated studies
    • Industry-sponsored studies
    • Graduate/pre-doctoral student-related studies
    • Multi-center studies

Regardless of the format of the study, the investigator must discuss the nature and extent of the potential investigation with his/her Department Chair. If the Chair is not available and/or the study requires initiation in a short period of time, the investigator should initiate discussion with his/her Division Chief.

Prior to this meeting, the pre-investigation form, Initial Research Proposal Form, must be filled out and sent to the Chair/Chief (Appendix 1) Signature by the Chair/Chief indicates that the project has received preliminary administrative support. This signed form must accompany all NYUCD Routing forms (Appendix 2) An approved form permits the investigator to proceed with designing the research protocol and budget.