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VII. Advertisements and Recruitment Forms

  1. Purpose
    Principal Investigators must describe techniques employed to recruit and retain subjects for their research investigation. This should include where subjects/patients will be recruited (e.g., in-patient unit, out-patient clinic, private practice, etc.), criteria for subject selection, and description of initial contact with subjects. Copies of all advertisements and other recruitment materials should be submitted with the protocol so that both can be reviewed at the same time.

    It is not uncommon for subjects to be paid for their participation in research, especially in the early phases of investigational drug or device research or in behavioral and epidemiological research that require a significant time commitment on the part of the subject. The investigator should describe the compensation plan in the protocol. Protocols that describe payments made only at the completion of the protocol could appear to be coercive. Therefore, it is common practice to offer the subject a partial payment at several intervals during the study, with the remainder provided at the completion of the investigation.

    Subjects may also be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses related to participation (travel costs, parking expenses, child care, etc.). If such monetary compensation or reimbursement is to be offered, investigators should state the amount subjects are to receive.

    Advertisements for recruitment include:

    • Internet communications
    • Flyers and pamphlets
    • Advertisements (written, audio, visual)
    • Written text of telephone recruitment

  2. Process
    The research protocol should include a description of the recruitment and reimbursement strategies to be employed in the study. The IRB must review these materials in order to approve the recruitment and reimbursement of study subjects, as well as the protocol and consent form.

OSP IRB Applications
A section of the protocol form is dedicated to subject recruitment and compensation: Application for Review by the University Committee on Activities Involving Human Subjects. Retrieve form:

Written text of advertisements must accompany the IRB application.

NYUSM IRB Applications
Recruitment of Research Subjects Retrieve form:

Written text of advertisements must accompany the IRB application.