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"Ask Your Dentist" Campaigns

"Ask Your Dentist" is the title of major consumer education projects sponsored by NYUCD, which aim to leverage both the power of enlightened consumers and the media to improve the practice of dentistry and the public health.

Oral Cancer Prevention and Detection
In 1998, NYUCD fostered the development of an Oral Cancer Consortium, consisting of five partners including the dental schools in New York and New Jersey, the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, area hospitals, corporations, professional dental societies and ABC7 television. The Consortium's goal was to raise awareness of oral cancer, which claims 8,000 lives annually - one every hour - by sponsoring annual, free regional screening programs. Today the Consortium has grown to include more than 30 institutions and professional societies, and its success catalyzed a national oral cancer awareness campaign sponsored by the American Dental Association.

No More Cavities!
NYUCD's cavity-prevention program, the "Smile Team," provides youngsters with free fillings if they follow the program's recommendations and still get cavities. The program aims to increase consumer awareness of the importance of early intervention and preventive dental services. For more information, please call 212.998.9657.

Diabetes Screening
Recent research has shown an association between periodontal (gum) disease and diabetes, with important implications for both the dental and medical treatment of patients. Accordingly, NYU College of Dentistry offers free blood sugar testing as a public service during the annual free oral health screenings it sponsors.