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NYU College of Dentistry
Henry Schein Cares
Global Student Outreach Program

For over 20 years, NYU College of Dentistry has provided extensive oral health outreach programs for schoolchildren, the elderly, people with disabilities, the homeless, and other underserved populations. With an emphasis on local community involvement as well as a strong commitment to global oral health care, NYU College of Dentistry's outreach activities provide participants with a unique service-learning experience and an increased awareness of access-to-care issues, while fostering a passion for volunteerism and social responsibility.

The links below will cue up short videos from recent NYUCD Henry Schein Cares Global Outreach Programs:

International Outreach Programs

Watch video: "NYU College of Dentistry Bringing Dental Care and Education to Granada, Nicaragua"

Watch video: "NYU College of Dentistry Bringing Dental Care and Education to Manta, Ecuador"

Watch video: "Grenada School-Based National Oral Health Program: Implementation, September 2011"

Watch video: "Grenada National Oral Health Survey and Dental Outreach Program"

Watch video: "NYU College of Dentistry Bringing Dental Care and Education to Chiquilistagua, Nicaragua"

Watch video: "NYUCD & NYUCN Bring Dental and Health Care to Copán Ruinas, Honduras"

US Outreach Programs

Watch video: "NYUCD Bringing Dental Care and Education to Hudson, New York"

Watch video: "NYU College of Dentistry Bringing Dental Care and Education to Washington County, Maine"

Watch video: "NYU College of Dentistry Bringing Dental Care and Education to
Fort Yukon and Venetie, Alaska"

Watch video: "Bringing Dental Care and Education to Kasigluk, Alaska"

Henry Schein Cares Global Outreach Programs

NYUCD and Henry Schein, Inc., the largest distributor of healthcare products and services to office-based practitioners, have partnered to provide oral health services in underserved and at-risk communities around the world. Thanks to sponsorship by Henry Schein Cares, the global social responsibility program of Henry Schein, Inc., the NYUCD/Henry Schein Cares Global Student Outreach Program was created to address public health issues in dentistry and oral health.

Students holding a banner

NYUCD's comprehensive global outreach programs offer participants a unique, service-learning experience. These inter-disciplinary programs provide faculty, residents, and students of dentistry, hygiene, nursing, and public health, with a well-rounded perspective on access-to-care issues and challenge them to re-think their roles as health care providers. Clinical outreach programs provide free dental services to populations facing barriers to oral healthcare including a dearth of dental providers, economic hardship, and inadequate health insurance coverage. Each program is unique unto itself, yet all share the goals of service, education, and research, simultaneously fostering local collaboration for sustainability, both in care, and in finances.

Partnerships with local organizations and healthcare providers are cultivated to ensure the continuation of preventive services in NYUCD's absence. The communities served by the programs are empowered by NYUCD's outreach model, as sustainable oral health services become a reality.

NYUCD Clinical Outreach Programs:

During a clinical outreach students and residents receive hands-on clinical instruction and are exposed to public health issues in dentistry. Participants are challenged to think outside the operatory and ask what they can do to reduce the barriers surrounding access to care for underserved populations. Post-outreach evaluations have consistently shown a transformational effect on participants, and past participants have noted these experiences as a highlight in their dental school career. Clinical outreach programs are only open to third- and fourth-year dental students and, in certain locations, dental hygiene students. Current locations for clinical outreach programs include Hudson, New York; Machias, Maine; Yakutat, Alaska; Grenada, West Indies; Manta, Ecuador; La Preciosita, Mexico. Past program locations include Dominican Republic, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and Tanzania.

A classroom full of elementary school students being taught about dental hygiene

NYUCD Public Health Outreach Programs:

NYUCD's public health outreach programs focus on oral health education and do not include a clinical component; instead, providers seek to prevent oral disease and tooth decay by implementing widespread preventive measures for children. Paramount to the success of the public health efforts is an educational component to increase the overall "dental IQ" of populations served, while influencing the behaviors and attitudes surrounding personal responsibility for and understanding of oral and systemic health.

NYUCD has recently undertaken a major public health initiative, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education of Grenada, to bring preventive oral health services and education to over 25,000 children in Grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique.

Local Outreach Opportunities

All students are strongly encouraged to play an active, responsible role in their local community. NYU College of Dentistry offers a variety of opportunities for its students to get involved and promote oral health awareness in and around New York City. Activities may include participation in local health fairs, delivering oral hygiene instruction to children, the elderly, and other vulnerable populations, distributing toothbrushes, and performing oral screenings.

While first and second year dental students cannot conduct any "hands-on" patient care, these students often choose to perform outreach in other ways, such as through oral health presentations to local community organizations and schools or distributing supplies and educational materials to increase oral health awareness. When students begin performing clinical patient care at NYUCD, they may provide additional outreach services, such as oral cancer screenings, under approved faculty supervision. To ensure that potential patients receive the best possible care and consideration, NYUCD has a process by which students and faculty must obtain approval for such events.

A dental outreach clinic

If you are interested in having volunteers from NYUCD participate in your local community health event, please contact Danielle Becker in the Office of International Initiatives and Development at 212-992-7078. NYUCD students should contact their Student Council Community Service Representative or Danielle Becker.

Contacts in the Global Outreach Programs Department:

Stuart Hirsch, Vice Dean of International Initiatives & Development
Rachel Hill, Director of Global Outreach, 212-998-9619,
Alison Kurtz, Assistant Director of Global Outreach, 212-998-9781,
Danielle Becker, Program Administrator, 212-992-7078,