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Research in Focus

Winter 2007
Update on PEARL Network Studies
Identifying a Method for Predicting the Clinical Performance of Ceramic Crowns
NYUCD Introduces Formal Research Training for First-Year Students
Summer Student Research Program Enrollment Up for Fourth Straight Year

Spring 2007
Why Should a Practicing Dentist Conduct In–Office Clinical Research?
‘Ancestral Eve’ Was Mother of All Tooth Decay: Study Finds Humans
      and Their Oral Bacteria Evolved From a Common African Ancestor

Man’s Earliest Direct Ancestors Looked More Apelike Than Previously Believed
NYUCD Moves Up to 5th Place in National Research Rankings
Study Links Tooth Decay and Gum Infections to Ethnicity and Country of Origin
A Visit from the Executive Director of AADR/IADR
Research Day 2007: University of North Carolina Distinguished Professor
      Steven Offenbacher Shares Spotlight with Student Researchers

A Major Presence for NYUCD at IADR Meeting

Fall/Winter 2006
College of Dentistry, Medical School Partner to Study Possible Periodontal Disease/Alzheimer’s Link
Do Genes Cause Caries? NYU Dental Researchers Study Twins for Clues
Study: New Coating Shows Promise of Inhibiting Plaque and Calculus Around Braces

Spring 2006
College of Dentistry Moves Up to Sixth Place on National Research List
Inside the PEARL Network
Dentistry Professor Examines the Role of "Parent" Viruses and Recombination
     in the Evolution of HIV
Bluestone Center Offers Patients Special Treatment
New Study Reveals Promising Osteoporosis Treatment
New Nanocomposite Provides More Consistent Bone Regeneration
Research Day 2006

Fall/Winter 2005
Dr. Elena Cunningham: Teaching Anatomy and Studying Monkey Behavior
NYU Dental Researchers Develop Alternative to Corrosive Sandblasting of
    Ceramic Crowns

Link Found Between C-Section Delivery and Higher Risk of Cavities in Newborns
A Plan to Use Daily Street Cleaning to Detect Early Signs of a Bioterrorism

Dr. Daniel Malamud: Using Saliva to Battle HIV Virus

Spring 2005
Research Day 2005: Dr. Daniel Malamud Shares Spotlight with NYUCD Student
Ms. Maria DeAcetis Honored with Special Research Day Award
Student Research Grows By More Than 600 Percent
A Strategic Success: Clinicians and Basic Scientists Collaborate and Endodontic Residents Residents Win Awards
New Dental Implant Design Speeds Healing
Study Equates Caries Bacteria with Preterm Birth Risk
Researcher Finds Link Between Pregnancy and Tooth Loss
NYUCD-Mentored High School Student Is Youngest Presenter at AADR/IADR
Four Students Win AADR Fellowships

Winter 2004
NYUCD Receives $2 Million in NIH Funding for Osteporosis Research
NYUCD Boosts Minority Research Training Efforts with $100K NIH Grant
Phase I Drug Study to Treat Rate Dermatological Disorder Underway
Drs. Teixeira, Kamer, and Li Receive All-University Research Challenge Fund

NIDCR Grant Supports Research Infrastructure Planning
NYUCD Participates in Federally Funded Breast Cancer Research Project
Federally Funded Nanotechnology Development Research Underway
Study: Chewing Gum and CDs May Help Students Master Dental Anatomy
NYUCD Receives $120,000 Grant for Composite Restoration Study

Fall 2004
Advancing the Clinical Research Mission
A Stunning Rise in Federal Funding
Research Day 2004
Dental-Obstetrical Team Searches for Clues to Premature Birth
Student Summer Research Opportunities Abound

Teeth Hold Clues to Cancer Development, Says NYUCD Professor

Winter 2003
Clinical Research: The Time is Now
Bluestone Center for Clinical Research is Unveiled
Training the Next Generation of Clinical Researchers
Shedding New Light on Oral Lesions
Raising the Bar on Aesthetic Dental Implants
New Insights into Improving the Oral Health of HIV-infected Women
$5.9 Million Awarded to NYUCD to Develop a Design Prototype to Extend the Life of Ceramic Crowns
NYUCD Awarded $1 Million-Plus Grant to Identify Genetic Markers in Cariogenic Bacteria
NHLBI Awards $663,250 Grant to NYUCD to Bioengineer Heart Muscle

Summer 2003
NYUCD Awarded $488,000 to Improve Head and Neck Cancer Treatments and Reduce Side Effects
Research Day 2003: In Search of Answers