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Spring 2005
"What is Beauty?" The Discourse Continues

Winter 2004
What is Beauty?
How Dentists Decide What Constitutes a Beautiful Smile
In the Beginning
Our Favorite Ballerina Opts for a Natural Look
A Pioneer's Perspective on the Origins of the Esthetic Revolution
The Quest for Aesthetic Perfection
Self-Esteem Dentistry: A Formula for Success
A New Dimension on Dental Education: The Preclinical Course in Aesthetics
The Color Question

Summer 2003
Diabetes and Oral Health: A Call to Action
Systematic Effects of Destructive Periodontal Diseases

Summer 2001
NYUCD in China

Fall/Winter 2000
Seeing the Future

Spring 2000
Women in Global Health

Ask Your Dentist
Dental Informatics - Its Importance in Dental Education
Clinical Research in Aesthetic Restoration of Teeth

Spring 1999
Genes, Mutations, and Cancer: Possible Applications to the Prevention of
    Cancer of the Oral Cavity