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Focus on International Faculty

Spring 2007
Dr. Esther Kuyinu: Targeting Dental Needs in Nigeria
Dr. Yihong Li: Making It Easier for Chinese Students to Study at NYUCD First Four Mainland Chinese Students Enroll in September

Spring 2007
Dr. Louis Lin: An Endodontist Returns to His Roots
Dr. Benjamin Godder: International Partnership Supports Caries Risk
     Assessment Research

Dr. Rajinder Jain: A Nearly Five – Decade Commitment to Teaching
Dr. Ziad Jalbout: Revising the Curriculum to Meet International Students’ Needs

Fall/Winter 2006
Dr. Ananda P. Dasanayake: Shaping Health Policy at the Global Level
Dr. Racquel Z. LeGeros: Pioneering International Biomaterials Research Collaboration