Focus on Alumni
For Young People Interested in Dental Careers, Alumni Mentors Can Make All the Difference

Dr. Ivy Peltz

Recognizing that mentoring plays a critical role in a person's decision to pursue a career in dentistry, the American Dental Association has launched a new Career Mentoring Program that includes mentor coordinators representing dental societies and dental schools across the country, including the NYU College of Dentistry.

NYUCD's career mentor coordinator is Dr. Ivy Peltz, Clinical Associate Professor of Cariology & Comprehensive Care. According to Dr. Peltz, "The program is designed to attract students to dentistry-especially underrepresented minority students-by matching young people (K–12) with local dentists who are interested in having such students shadow them in their private offices for a day. Providing an opportunity for students to spend a day with a dentist is a wonderful way to help them decide if a career in dentistry is the right path to take.

"In addition to the obvious benefits for the students and for the long-term vibrancy of the profession, there are significant benefits for mentors, who have the opportunity to give back to the profession and make a difference by sharing their expertise with young people."

If you would like to become a mentor, please contact Dr. Peltz at A guide that includes formal mentoring resources is available.