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Academy of Distinguished Educators Gets Off to an Impressive Start

Seated, from left: Dr. Esther Kuyinu, Dr. Maria Marin, Dr. Maureen McAndrew, (Class ACTS Co-Director), Dr. Miriam Robbins, Dr. Evelyn Nelson. Standing, from left: Dr. Kay Oen, Dr. Ricardo Vanegas-Plata, Dr. David Glotzer, Dr. Mel Segal, Dean Charles Bertolami, Dr. Scott Podell, Dr. Glenn Rochlen, Dr. David Levenson, Dr. Steven Resnick at the 2010 Class ACTS reception.

The NYU College of Dentistry Academy of Distinguished Educators, founded last spring, has gotten off to an impressive start by hosting the fall 2010 Outstanding Teaching Lecture Series. Presented by world-class teachers, as illustrated in the four accompanying posters, the lectures are designed to advance the Academy’s commitment to champion the central role of teachers in facilitating innovation in teaching, conducting research, and creating an environment that enhances the status of health professions educators.

In addition to hosting the Outstanding Teaching Lecture Series, the Academy of Distinguished Educators sponsored the second annual Class ACTS (Advanced Clinical Teaching Scholars) reception in November. The event honored 17 faculty members who had completed a rigorous education and training program, which incorporates performance-based teaching outcome measures known as Objective Structured Teaching Exams. The outcomes indicated a statistically significant increase in teaching performance as a result of participating in the Class ACTS program. The program is supported by a PrMEIR (Program for Medical Education Innovations and Research) grant from the NYU School of Medicine.

The 2010 Class ACTS certificate recipients are:
Dr. Laurie Fleisher
Dr. David Glotzer
Dr. Herb Gross
Dr. Esther Kuyinu
Dr. David Levenson
Dr. Alan Levy
Dr. Martine Mandracchia
Dr. Maria Marin
Dr. Evelyn Nelson
Dr. Kay Oen
Dr. Milton Palat
Dr. Scott Podell
Dr. Steven Resnick
Dr. Miriam Robbins
Dr. Glenn Rochlen
Dr. Mel Segal
Dr. Ricardo Vanegas-Plata