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A Tale of Two Cities: The Bi-continental Commuter Life of Dr. Dana Vieru

Imagine the following weekly schedule: Teaching 12 hours a day at NYUCD on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Then flying to London Thursday night to practice privately all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at a posh Harley Street general practice, before turning around and flying back to New York on Monday night to resume teaching responsibilities at NYUCD on Tuesday. Talk about a long commute!

For Dr. Dana Vieru, it's an energizing and enviable lifestyle, one that she pursues with zest and enthusiasm.

Thoroughly at home on the international stage, Dr. Vieru was born in Bucharest, Romania, where she earned a bachelor's degree, dental degree, and MS degree in biophysics and cellular biology at the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmaceutics. She is currently completing a PhD on the "Effects of low level laser therapy on gingivitis and marginal periodontitis" at Carol Davila University.

Seven years ago, Dr. Vieru applied for and was granted permanent residency status in the US. After leaving Bucharest for New York, she taught for three years at the Long Island City-based New York School for Medical and Dental Assistants before receiving an offer to practice in London. Last year she joined the NYUCD faculty as an Instructor in Cariology & Comprehensive Care. Along the way, she has done an extraordinary amount of international traveling, presenting the results of her work on the use of lasers in treating periodontal disease at professional societies around the world.

"I love New York, NYUCD, the students, and the faculty so much," says Dr. Vieru, "and I love my colleagues, patients, and life in London. It's an incredible opportunity to live and work in two of the world's great cities." In London, she lives in the Harley Street building, which also houses her practice. In New York, she lives in Greenwich Village, with the man she calls the "love of my life," whom she met at an art gallery while pursuing another of her ardent interests - as an artist producing paintings in oil on glass. To learn more about Dr. Vieru and to see examples of her artwork, visit her Web site at