Winter 2010 Table of Contents
Winter 2010 Table of Contents






Message from the Herman Robert Fox Dean
Message from the Herman Robert Fox Dean

How to Survive and Thrive in Uncertain Economic Times
Moving Dentistry Forward Despite the Recession

The Keys to Maintaining a Thriving Dental Practice in Turbulent Economic Times

"Oral Healthcare Can't Wait™"

A Recent Graduate's Perspective on the Recession's Impact on Career Challenges and Opportunities

The Health and Obesity: Prevention and Education (HOPE) Curriculum Project

Second-Career Nursing Students Stare Down the Economy While Gaining Satisfaction in Their New Careers

Research in Focus
Dr. Nicola Partridge Outlines Her Plans to Advance NYUCD's Bone Research Mission

New Study Examines Less Virulent HIV-2 for Clues about HIV/AIDS

Novel NYU Study Uses Psychoactive Agent to Promote Enhanced Well-Being for Cancer Sufferers

Study Finds Over 90% of People with Periodontal Disease Are at Risk for Diabetes

Tomorrow's Practitioners Will Routinely Conduct In-Office Research

Endodontic Resident Research Wins National Award

Hinman Research Award Goes to NYU Dental Student

Recruiting the Best
Recruiting the Best

Promoting Our Own
Promoting Our Own

NYUCD Extends a Warm Welcome to Its Newest Part-time Faculty
NYUCD Extends a Warm Welcome to Its Newest Part-time Faculty

Congratulations to Recently Promoted Part-time Faculty
Congratulations to Recently Promoted Part-time Faculty

International Partners in Health
NYUCD Hosts Inaugural New York State Global Health Forum

250 Dentists from 27 Countries Attend International Implantology Conference at NYUCD

NYUCD Hosts Visiting Scholars from Japan, Jordan, and Brazil

International Programs to Hold Second Global Alumni Reunion


An Enduring Alliance: NYUCD Faculty, Students Continue to Volunteer for MCW

Libyan Dentists' Enrollment in Advanced Programs Rises Sevenfold

Sustainable Care Outreach to Dominican Republic Reduces Tooth Decay in Children by 40%

Focus on International Faculty


Grants and Philanthropy
NYU College of Dentistry's Dr. Nicola Partridge Awarded $1.5 Million NIH Grant for Craniofacial Bone Research

NYU Global Public Health Research Challenge Fund Grant Awarded to College of Dentistry's Dr. Dasanayake

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Held for Gary and Alyse Ruth Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Wing

NYUCD Shares $2.8 million NIH Award to Advance Study of 3-D Bone Tissue Scaffolds

Dr. Marcela Romero-Reyes to Study Migraine Treatment to Manage Orofacial Pain

NYU College of Dentistry Awarded NYU School of Medicine Grant for Faculty Development

NYUCD Partners with NYU School of Medicine to Study the Link Between Oral and Intestinal Flora and Rheumatoid Arthritis

NYU College of Dentistry Professor Awarded NYU School of Medicine Grant for Bladder Cancer Research

NYU College of Dentistry Shares $1.63 Million NIH Award for Oral Bacteria Identification Study

College of Dentistry and Polytechnic Institute Share Grant to Develop New Weapon Against Harmful Oral Bacteria

Gala Reception for Donors Held at NYU's Institute for the Study of the Ancient World

NYUCD in the News
A sampling of recent Media coverage

News from the College
Enriching Learning, Pioneering Innovative Teaching Strategies, and Building Community: The Fruits of Collaboration Between NYUCD/NYUCN and NYU's College of Arts and Science

Thinking Green: Greening Initiative Spurs Campus-wide Awareness

Visit By President Sexton Spotlights Facilities Transformations

NYUCD Hosts Inaugural NYC Consortium for Head Start "Dental Homes"

Dr. Dennis Tarnow Steps Down as Professor and Chair of the Ashman Department of Periodontology & Implant Dentistry

NYUCD Becomes First NYU School to Officially Ban Smoking on Campus

Smiling Faces, Going Places Visits Assemblyman Bing's District

TECHNOLOGY BRIEFS Celebrates NYUCD's Use of New Media to Advance Dental Education

Celebrating Our Community
White Coat Ceremonies Welcome New Students

Staff Stars Honors its First Graduating Class

NYUCD Faculty Recognized by MedEdPortal

NYUCD Students' National Board Scores Set Record High

Afghan War Veteran Pays Tribute to Orthodontic Treatment Team

AMC Elects Representatives and Alternates from the Colleges of Dentistry and Nursing

Student Peer Review Board Off to a Great Start


Alumni Association Installs New Officers, Celebrates Quinquennial Classes 1949 to 2004

Congratulations to:

In Remembrance
In Remembrance

We Thank Our Benefactors
We Thank Our Benefactors