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Student Peer Review Board Off to a Great Start

"The Student Peer Review Board members and their mentors are shown in the photo above. Top row from left to right: Assistant Dean Anthony Palatta Tamara Shamlian, Class of 2011 Bryan Hinkle, Class of 2011 Glenn Canares, Class of 2011 Daphne Lee, Class of 2012 Jason Brock, Class of 2012 Paul Kraft, Class of 2010 Jay Leer, Class of 2013 Dean Bertolami David Jacobson, Class of 2012 Bottom row from left to right: Seema Basati, Class of 2011 Jason Pang, Class of 2013 Alexis Cohen, Class of 2011 Dawn Weldon, Class of 2010 Naoshi Hosomura, Class of 2010 "

Dean Bertolami expressed his appreciation to the 13 students who constitute NYUCD's newly established Student Peer Review Board by hosting a luncheon in their honor in December.

The Student Peer Review Board relies exclusively on student leadership to promote academic integrity, champion ethical behavior, and adjudicate allegations of academic dishonesty. The program is in the middle of a one-year pilot phase, whose outcome will determine whether or not it will continue on a permanent basis.

"The results we've seen to date have been very impressive," said Dean Bertolami. "The student peer reviewers take their responsibilities very seriously and have acted in what I consider to be an extremely thoughtful, professional manner. I am confident of the soundness of the program's premise; namely, that when students are empowered to set and enforce academic integrity standards, they tend to do so. I believe that the program has great potential on an ongoing basis."