Celebrating Our Community
NYUCD Students' National Board Scores Set Record High

The results of the NYUCD Class of 2011's performance on Part I of the National Board Dental Examinations have set a record high for the College. With an overall pass rate of 98.6 percent, the class scored four points above the national average. Notably, 23 students scored 90 or above, with 97 the highest score achieved.

The magnitude of these results is underscored by the fact that the NYU College of Dentistry student body is four to five times the size of a typical dental school, suggesting that the Board scores would be likely to regress toward the national mean. Instead, the data show that NYU dental students are raising the bar on performance standards nationally.

But statistics tell only part of the story. The engine that drives these outcomes is fueled by our wonderful faculty, whose talent and dedication, coupled with the incredibly hard work of our students, are an unbeatable formula for success. On behalf of everyone at NYUCD, Global Health Nexus offers hearty congratulations to our students and faculty on their exceptional achievement.