Celebrating Our Community
NYUCD Faculty Recognized by MedEdPortal

"Top: Dr. Andrew Spielman teaching a class. Below: Left, Dr. Marjan Moghadam, and Dr. Bijan Khaknegar-Moghadam. "

The American Association of Medical Colleges' MedEdPortal, an online resource for high-quality, peer-reviewed, educational materials, has selected Dr. Andrew Spielman, Professor of Basic Science & Cranio-facial Biology and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, to receive an Outstanding Reviewer Award in recognition of his commitment to the MedEdPortal peer review process and his exemplary efforts as a MedEdPortal reviewer. In addition, MedEdPortal's featured publications for 2009 include one from NYUCD: "Manual for Preclinical Removable Prosthodontics: Complete Dentures," authored by Dr. Marjan Moghadam, Clinical Assistant Professor of Prosthodontics and Codirector of the Fixed Prosthodontics Clinic, and Dr. Bijan Khaknegar-Moghadam, Associate Professor of Prosthodontics and Preclinical Course Director in Removable Prosthodontics.

In spring 2008, the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) formed a partnership that allowed the AAMC to expand its MedEdPortal teaching tools by including submissions from dental professionals.

"I am delighted that NYUCD faculty members have become involved in MedEdPortal," said Dean Bertolami. "While it's widely recognized that educators have long invested time and intellectual capital creating tools with which to teach, they do not always receive recognition for doing so. By submitting to MedEdPortal, they receive rigorous peer review and feedback. If the materials are accepted for publication in MedEdPortal, educators receive recognition for their scholarship, which may be used to support academic advancement decisions. It's a tribute to our faculty that during the first year of involvement with MedEdPortal, recognition has been achieved for excellence in contributing to both the peer review process and the publications list."