TECHNOLOGY BRIEFS Celebrates NYUCD's Use of New Media to Advance Dental Education

A profile of Dr. Elise S. Eisenberg, Senior Director of Informatics, is scheduled to appear in an upcoming Web site story, "Leaders and Administrators Profiles," which focuses on how schools and universities are using Apple technology to prepare students for the changing world.

The story traces the progress that NYUCD has made in only one year after it introduced iTunes U technology to ensure easy access to classroom lecture content by students and faculty and to empower students to create digital recordings, To date, NYUCD courses and lectures have been downloaded from the iTunes U site more than 160,000 times by dental students.

Notably, it was student demand that drove the integration of technology into the classroom and the adoption of iTunes U. Now that the college has launched the digital recording initiative, future dentists have an easy means of recording and playing back their daily lectures. At the same time, NYU's IT staff has an affordable, scalable solution for data archival and distribution via an internal, password-protected iTunes U site.

Says Dr. Eisenberg, "Students have avidly adopted the technology. Even as we look ahead to further enhancing NYU's media service offerings, we are extremely pleased with the new digital capturing solution. I would absolutely encourage any university to go this route."