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NYUCD Becomes First NYU School to Officially Ban Smoking on Campus

In November, just days before the Great American Smokeout, NYUCD became the first NYU school to become officially smoke-free.

The policy was announced by Dr. Michael P. O'Connor, Vice Dean for Administration & Finance, who noted that in addition to no smoking inside the building, a smoking ban within 15 feet from any part of the exterior of the building (including entrances and exits), was now official policy.

The policy was implemented in accordance with a recent New York State Department of Health Mandate that established specific no-smoking policies for institutions under Article 28, which includes dental schools and dental hygiene programs.

Said Dean Bertolami, "As an academic community, we have collectively made the decision that one of our strategic priorities is to foster and maintain an environment for excellence. In this regard, a smoke-free campus is indispensable. Unlike some policies that may be laudable in theory, but do not work in practice, we are committed to make it as easy as possible for our colleagues to quit smoking by providing free, on-campus, conveniently scheduled tobacco cessation information and counseling sessions for all members of our community who want to quit smoking, as well as referrals to the Nursing Faculty Practice for patients."