News from the College
DDS Student Retention Approaches 100 Percent;
Board Scores Also Soar

In the past several years, NYUCD has increased its DDS student retention rate exponentially, with the current retention rate for NYU dental students at nearly 100 percent. To put this in context, while the national attrition rate is between three and four percent, NYUCD's attrition rate is well under one percent. What makes this so amazing is that there are approximately 1,300 students in the D1 through D4 classes.

That's not all. While the national failure rate on Part I of the National Board Examination in Dentistry in April 2008 was 3.7 percent, NYU students showed a failure rate of 1.8 percent. This is another incredible achievement, inasmuch as the NYU College of Dentistry student body is four to five times that of a typical dental school - suggesting that board scores would be expected to regress toward the national mean. Instead, the data show that NYU students are raising the bar on performance standards.

But statistics tell only part of the story. The engine that drives these outcomes is fueled by our wonderful faculty and by the talented and dedicated administrators in the Offices of Academic Affairs, Admissions, and Student Affairs, who have created powerful partnerships dedicated to providing meaningful and timely assistance and support to students. It's an unbeatable combination - superb, highly motivated students, and faculty and staff with the vision, skill, and commitment to make certain that they succeed.