Grants and Philanthropy
Challenge Fund Grant Enables Further
Study of 3-D Bone Tissue Scaffolds

Dr. John Ricci, an Associate Professor of Biomaterials & Biomimetics, and Ms. Elizabeth Clark, an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biomaterials & Biomimetics, have been awarded a one-year NYU Challenge Fund grant to study the effectiveness of three-dimensional bone tissue scaffolds in regenerating long bone in the arms and legs. The study involves a three-dimensional bone tissue scaffold printer that could produce tissue strong and flexible enough to be implanted in the arms and legs of cancer and trauma patients without additional support from metal rods. NYUCD is believed to be the only dental school testing the printer for bone regeneration. The NYUCD team earlier received grants from the Academy of Osseointegration and the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology to support research on 3-D tissue scaffolds for regenerating missing sections of skull.

"The Challenge Fund Grant will enable us to create scaffolds that combine the best elements of the earlier design we used for skull regeneration with additional biomechanical features appropriate for long bones," explained Dr. Ricci.

Dr. Ricci and Ms. Clark are collaborating on the grant with Dr. Stephen Warren, an Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at the NYU School of Medicine, and Dr. Jim Smay and his graduate student Cornelia Vasiliu at Oklahoma State University.