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David Stubbs: Against All Odds

Davd Stubbs, Class of 2008

Growing up in a rough section of Scranton, Pennsylvania, David Stubbs, ‘08, experienced the kind of tough times that would set most people on the path to a bleak future.

But at age 16, after narrowly escaping being shot during a night out with friends, David took a cue from his pastor, who told him, “Tough people last, tough times don’t.” David stopped hanging out at night and started to focus on his studies.

His grandmother, a constant inspiration to him while he was growing up, pushed David to study hard, telling him, “You are meant for big things.” And a chance encounter with an African American dentist he met while in high school encouraged him to go to college and then to pursue a career in dentistry.

Having learned to “become strong and think positive,” David earned good grades in high school and at the State University of New York at Binghamton, where he majored in biology, doing so well that he was awarded a full scholarship to attend NYUCD, where he has maintained an excellent grade point average and earned a place in the Senior DDS Honors Program.

Now, as he nears the midpoint of his fourth year at NYUCD, David is applying to six-year joint MD degree/oral surgery certificate programs at several universities across the country.

How does David feel about the additional years of study awaiting him? “Oral surgeons have the power to turn lives around and do incredible things,” he says. “I know it takes hard work to turn your life around, and I’m prepared to do the hard work needed to help others.”