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Technology Briefs: Chairside Digital Radiology Comes to NYUCD

NYUCD's new digital radiology
project in action.

NYUCD is in the process of launching its first large-scale digital radiology project, beginning on two floors of the Witkin Graduate Center for Clinical Excellence containing a total of 60 treatment rooms. While NYUCD is joining the ranks of 22 other dental schools using digital radiology, a forward-looking design innovation makes the NYUCD version the first of its kind in the nation.

In collaboration with A-dec, a leading manufacturer of dental delivery systems, NYUCD has customized a digital radiology system that places a small-format computer, monitor, and medical-grade keyboard with an integrated pointing device directly attached to the delivery chair unit, optimizing form and function in limited spaces where the typical stand-alone cabinet or wall-mounted PC solutions are not options.

According to Dr. David Sirois, Associate Professor of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology, Radiology & Medicine and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, “This novel solution will allow efficient space utilization and excellent image-viewing position in every treatment room. All 60 stations are connected to a mainframe computer with a robust data management and security environment, ensuring the reliability and accessibility of digital patient-imaging information from any treatment room, as well as access from remote treatment planning and study areas at a distance from the clinical operations. In addition to traditional dental X-rays, the digital radiology project will also include sophisticated CT-scan imaging and skull radiographs used for assessing growth and development, maxillofacial pathology, and implant surgical treatment planning. These technologies will dramatically improve the quality of images, image lifespan, and image manipulation for treatment planning, while reducing overall radiation exposure to the patient.

“Another advantage is that the computer supporting the image acquisition is also networked to an office management system allowing other vital patient information to be accessible, as well as management of patient and doctor scheduling and accounting information.”