News from the College
Welcoming the Class of 2011

NYUCD welcomed the Class of 2011 with a mixture of traditional and new events that began on August 20, 2007, with a weeklong orientation program.

In addition to the annual welcoming boat cruise around Manhattan, orientation this year featured a double-decker bus tour of the city, trips to the American Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Modern Art, a dinner, and a picnic in Central Park.

Then, on September 4, the College held its White Coat Ceremony, which introduces first-year students to the dental profession. Faculty members helped students don their coats for the first time in an act that symbolizes NYUCD’s commitment to student-faculty partnerships. Dean Bertolami told the students that dental school would be “a life-transforming experience that offers the opportunity to change a person in the most fundamental and positive ways possible, including one’s self-identity and self-esteem.”

“After a relatively brief period of years,” he said, “you will emerge totally transformed into competent professionals, who think and act completely differently from the way you once did, and will do so with confidence and assurance.”

The curious, eager, and excited faces of the first-year students made it clear that they are indeed ready to be “transformed.”