Grants and Philanthropy
Nursing and Dentistry Researchers Receive Grant to Study Elder Mistreatment

Dr. Terry Fulmer

Dr. Sheryl Strasser

Dr. Stefanie Russell

NYU College of Nursing’s Dean Dr. Terry Fulmer and coinvestigators Dr. Sheryl Strasser, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Research at NYUCN and of Epidemiology & Health Promotion at NYUCD, and Dr. Stefanie Russell, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology & Health Promotion at NYUCD, have received a two-year, $346,569 grant from the National Institute of Aging to study elder mistreatment (EM).

In the study, “Primary Care Clinics for Estimating the Prevalence and Incidence of Elder Mistreatment,” researchers will conduct screenings for elder mistreatment among 982 older adults who visit their doctors at five primary care clinics. The aim is to estimate the prevalence of elder mistreatment in a large urban sample of community-dwelling elderly persons; estimate the six-month incidence of elder mistreatment among these patients; and compare a standardized, valid, reliable instrument used for screening for elder abuse with a newly developed instrument.

Elder mistreatment is a potentially fatal public health problem that causes human suffering and preventable morbidity and mortality. Infected pressure ulcers, urine burns, fractures, depression, and death can result from EM.