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Dr. Edward Zuckerberg, '78, Presents "Social Media: Today's Ideal Tool for Dental Practice Marketing

From left: Dean Charles N. Bertolami, Dr. Edward Zuckerberg, Executive Vice Dean Richard I. Vogel

Dr. Bill Bongiorno, Assistant Dean Rita Startup, Dr. Yon H. Lai, Dr. Zuckerberg

Dr. Zuckerberg and his wife Dr. Karen Zuckerberg

Dr. Edward Zuckerberg, a pioneer in the use of social media to market dental practice, presented a sold-out continuing education course at NYUCD in April on "Social Media: Today's Ideal Tool for Dental Practice Marketing."

An early technology enthusiast , Dr. Zuckerberg computerized his dental practice in 1984, introduced digital radiography in 1997, and went paperless in 2005.

Over the past several years, his commitment to social media as the chief means of marketing and managing his dental practice has expanded to include Facebook, in large part because he is related to Facebook's founder, son Mark Zuckerberg.

"Facebook," he explained to the attendees, "lets you target your advertising in ways that no other form of advertising can, and delivers the power of your fans' social networking connections to create the online version of word-of-mouth referrals. In Facebook's ad setup page, you can select from a variety of demographics to target your market, including but not limited to age groups, geographic locations, gender, academic levels achieved and any interest or job title listed on an individual's profile. The more specific you are in selecting demographics, the more the target market will decrease, but you will get more bang for your advertising dollar as you assure that your message is only getting out to those you want to receive it.

"In short, Facebook—the ultimate social network marketing tool—allows you to do many of the things you are already doing to market your practice, but much more effectively and at significantly lower cost."