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Dr. Yon Lai

Dr. Samia Albazde, interdisciplinary dentistry, holding certificate, with, from left, Dean Bertolami, Dr. Richard Trushkowsky, and Dr. Anabella Oquendo

Dr. Makiko Suzuki, esthetic dentistry program (center), with Dean Bertolami and Dr. Steven David

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Chooses NYUCD as Sole North American Site for Annual Examinations

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) has chosen NYUCD as the sole North American site for its annual membership examinations. NYUCD is the only institution in North America with an accredited three-year RCSI oral surgery program designed for internationally trained dentists who seek to improve their clinical skills and to practice outside of the United States. Other RCSI testing centers are located in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

"The establishment of a testing center at NYUCD offers candidates for membership both greater convenience and the opportunity to combine exam—taking with other professional activities in New York, such as attending continuing education courses," said Dr. Brendan O'Connor, a clinical assistant professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery and an RCSI clinical examiner.

Taiwanese Alumni Expand Reach

In January 2012, the NYUCD Taiwanese Study Club held its first meeting in conjunction with the Taipei Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr. Jung Tyng Hsu, a 2003 graduate of the Advanced Program for International Dentists in Implant Dentistry, and a past president of the Taiwan Congress of Oral Implantologists, presented a lecture on implant placement in the sinus area, and Dr. Grace Su, clinical associate professor of cariology and comprehensive care, presented an update on the Advanced Programs for International Dentists.

NYUCD Professor Presents at China's Largest Dental Meeting

In October 2011, Dr. Yon Lai, a clinical professor in the Advanced Program in Orthodontics for International Dentists, presented "Trends in Orthodontics: Have We Learned Anything Lately," at China's largest dental meeting, DenTech China. Dr. Lai is the first NYUCD orthodontics faculty member to present at the meeting, held annually in Shanghai.

NYUCD Faculty Invited to Present in Abu Dhabi

Dentists from the Middle East and North Africa have long been active in NYUCD's Advanced Programs for International Dentists. More than a quarter of the 129 students currently enrolled in the programs come from that region. At the invitation of its Middle Eastern alumni, NYUCD faculty who teach in the Advanced Programs for International Dentists were asked to present a series of lectures in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, in fall 2011.

Dr. Paul A. Rosenberg, professor and chair of the Quartararo Department of Endodontics and director of the Advanced Program in Endodontics for International Dentists, spoke at New York University's Abu Dhabi campus. Dr. Rosenberg presented a seminar entitled "Endodontic Pain: Biologic Causes and Preventive Strategies." More than 200 dentists from the Middle East attended Dr. Rosenberg's presentations.

Three faculty members also participated in the First International Dental Conference at Al Noor Hospital in Abu Dhabi. They were Dr. Lupo Villega (esthetic dentistry) Dr. Vera Tang (implant dentistry and periodontics), and Dr. Roque Braz De Oliveira (implant dentistry and periodontics).

28 Countries Represented at 2011 International Programs Graduation

One hundred and thirteen students from 28 countries graduated from the Advanced Programs for International Dentists in 2011. Among the graduates wearing traditional costumes were Dr. Makiko Suzuki of Japan, Dr. Samia Albazde of Libya, and Dr. Mariko Tsutsui of Japan.