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International Journal of Dental Hygiene Article Reports on NYU Study Findings That Patients and Dental Providers Respond Well to Diabetes Screening at Dental Visits

From left, Dr. Shiela Strauss and Dr. Mary Rosedale

An article published online in the January 2012 issue of the International Journal of Dental Hygiene reported on an NYU nursing-dental study that found that periodontal patients and dental providers consider the dental visit an opportune occasion for a diabetes screening and generally prefer gingival crevicular blood over finger-stick blood collection for diabetes screening.

The study, led by Dr. Mary Rosedale, assistant professor of nursing, surveyed 120 patients in the NYUCD periodontal program, and conducted in-depth interviews with nine patients, a nurse practitioner, and eight dental providers to assess if oral blood samples drawn from deep pockets of periodontal inflammation can be used to measure hemoglobin A1c, an important gauge of a patient's diabetes status.

Dr. Rosedale's co-investigator on the study was Dr. Shiela Strauss, associate professor of nursing at the NYU College of Nursing and co-director of the Statistics and Data Management Core for NYU's Colleges of Nursing and Dentistry.