Celebrating Our Community
NYUCD's Ken Fauerbach Awarded NYU's Highest Administrative Honor

Mr. Ken Fauerbach

Mr. Ken Fauerbach, NYUCD's chief information officer (CIO) and senior director of technology and informatics services (TIS), has been awarded the 2011 Distinguished Administrator Award presented by New York University in recognition of outstanding achievement as an administrator and dedicated service to students, faculty, and staff. This award is a special acknowledgement of the value that NYU places on administrative excellence and a way to formally honor the significant contributions of administrative and professional staff.

"Ken is responsible not only for helping us see the possibilities for the use of technology in all of our efforts," said Dr. Michael P. O'Connor, vice dean for administration and finance, "from investing in and utilizing technologies to enhance education, research, patient care, and management systems, but also for playing a pivotal role in planning comprehensively to more efficiently and effectively utilize resources to match institutional priorities.

"Beyond his technical expertise, Ken has shown himself to be an enterprise player in supporting one of the major pillars of NYUCD's strategic plan; namely, fostering and maintaining an environment for excellence. Through his personal example of ethics and integrity, his superb organizational skills, and his highly effective leadership style, Ken has created a cohesive group of information and technology professionals who share in creating and implementing collaboratively developed strategies, structures, and processes. In short, he has succeeded in creating consensus values, and, in so doing, in making a major positive impact on the NYUCD community as a whole."