Research in Focus
Research Days Feature Dr. Jane A. Weintraub and 21 Prize-Winning Students

Dr. Jane Weintraub, recipient of the NYUCD Distinguished Scientist Award (center) with Dr. Hillary Broder, professor of cariology and comprehensive care, and Dr. Louis Terracio, vice dean for research.

Student research award winners with Dr. Louis Terracio (standing, far left) and Dr. Jane Weintraub (standing, far right): Standing, from left: Jonathan Beley, Manasee Joshi, Ignacio Aliaga, Nicole Willer, Nicholas Zawada, Jimmy Duong, Bandar Alyami, Kathryn Fabella, Sung Kwang Kim, Elyse Wagner, Pablo Peixoto, Zhou Chen, Vincent Scaringi, Rachel Lin. Seated, from left: Tanakori Suzuki, Ismael El Khouly Castilla, Maryam Toufani, Sam Bae, Thikamphaa Bertrand. Not shown: Jason Kwan and Alfonse Doan.

NYUCD's annual Student Research Days, held April 14 and 15, 2011, showcased outstanding work by 21 NYUCD students in areas ranging from the basic sciences to clinical treatment. The two-day event also featured Dr. Jane A. Weintraub, the Lee Hysan Professor and Chair of the Division of Oral Epidemiology and Dental Public Health at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of Dentistry; director of the UCSF Center to Address Disparities in Children's Oral Health; and incoming dean of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill College of Dentistry. Dr. Weintraub's keynote lecture was entitled "An Outlier's Research Path: Integrating Population Science, Practice, and Policy to Improve the Public's Oral Health." In recognition of her accomplishments, Dr. Weintraub received the 2011 NYUCD Distinguished Scientist Award. Vice Dean for Research Dr. Louis Terracio presided over the poster and awards presentations.

"All of the awardees have contributed to the knowledge base in the health sciences," said Dean Bertolami. "Their achievements and their collaborations with faculty mentors exemplify NYUCD's commitment to research as an integral part of the dental education experience."

NYUCD congratulates all of the student awardees, whose names, presentations, and mentors are listed below.

Dean's Award and Best Master of Science Presentation
Dr. Elyse Wagner, '11
Investigation of Oral Mucosa Stromal-Cell Interactions in 3-D Models
Mentor: Dr. Zoya Kurago

Best Postdoctoral Presentation
Dr. Pablo Peixoto, Basic Science and Craniofacial Biology
MAC Function Triggers Bystander Effects in Cancer Cells
Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Kinnally

Honorable Mention, Postdoctoral Presentation
Dr. Zhou Chen, Basic Science and Craniofacial Biology
Correlation of Periodontopatho-genic Bacterial Colonization and HIV Infection: Preliminary Results
Mentor: Dr. Yihong Li

Best Presentation by Resident in Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Alfonse Doan, PG '11
Current Views about Orthodontic Education in Pediatric Dental Residencies
Mentor: Dr. Frederick More

Best International Fellow Presentation (CTOR)
Dr. Bandar Alyami, PG Orthodontics '11
Osteogenic Effect of High Frequency, Low Magnitude Forces on Alveolar Bone
Mentors: Dr. Mani Alikhani and Dr. Cristina Teixeira

Best Presentation by Resident in Implant Dentistry
Dr. Ismael El Khouly Castilla, PG '11
A New Osteotome Technique in Atrophic Posterior Maxilla - A Case Series
Mentor: Dr. Sang-Choon Cho

Honorable Mention, Resident in Implant Dentistry
Dr. Manasee Joshi, PG '11
Improve Parallelism of Implants for Immediate Loading: A Retrospective Case Series
Mentor: Dr. Sang-Choon Cho

Dr. Ignacio Aliaga, PG '11
Dental Implant Placement and Simultaneous Bone Grafting in Atrophic Ridges
Mentor: Dr. Sang-Choon Cho

Dr. Takanori Suzuki, PG '11
Treatment Options for Compromised Extraction Socket in the Esthetic Area - Socket Preservation Techniques vs. Early Implant Placement
Mentor: Dr. Sang-Choon Cho

Dr. Jonathan Beley, PG '11
Enhance Peri-Implant Soft Tissue Contours with Orthodontic Techniques After Implant Placement
Mentor: Dr. Sang-Choon Cho

Dean's Award, DDS Research and Dentsply Award
Mr. Sam Bae, '12
Local Effect of IB4+ Neurons in Carcinogenesis & Pain
Mentor: Dr. Brian L. Schmidt

Best Basic Science Presentation
Ms. Thikamphaa Bertrand, '12
Inflammatory Markers at Various Stages of Oral Epithelial Carcinogenesis
Mentor: Dr. Zoya Kurago

Best Clinical Science Presentation
Mr. Jason Kwan, '13
The Effects of Cell Phone Light on Dental Radiographic Film
Mentor: Ms. Jeanine Stabulas

Best Case Study
Dr. Nicole Willer, '11
Early Detection of Four Different Head and Neck Malignancies
Mentor: Dr. Ross Kerr

Student Research Group Award
Mr. Sung Kwang Kim, '13
Characterization of anti-TNF-alpha Bioactivity in Oral Squamous Carcinoma Cells
Mentor: Dr. Zoya Kurago

Honorable Mention, DDS Research Presentation
Mr. Jimmy Duong, '13
Loupes: Their Use, Effect on Clinic Productivity, and Relationship to Perceptual Ability Test Scores
Mentor: Dr. Kenneth Allen

Ms. Rachel Lin, '14
Analgesic Medication Use and Its Relation to Pain Thresholds in TMD Patients
Mentor: Dr. Karen Raphael

Mr. Nicholas Zawada, '12
Geographical Distribution of Oral Cancer Across Great Britain, Scotland and Southeast England
Mentor: Dr. Ananda Dasanayake

Dr. Maryam Toufani, '11
Randomized Controlled Trial of Botulinum Toxin-A (BoNT-A) in Trigeminal Neuralgia
Mentor: Dr. David Sirois

Mr. Vincent J. Scaringi, '14
Human Hard Tissue Growth Rate Variability
Mentor: Dr. Timothy Bromage

OKU, Alfano Award
Ms. Kathryn Fabella, '14
Effects of PDGF from a Collagen Membrane on Gene Expression in Preosteoblasts
Mentor: Dr. Seiichi Yamano