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Second Annual Dean's Colloquium Focuses on Volunteerism and Social Documentary Photography

Dr. Phil Borges

Image from Dr. Borges's book, "Enduring Spirit"

From left: Ms. Alexis Cohen, '11; Dr. Phil Borges; Dean Bertolami; Mr. Nicholas Zawada, '11; Dean Terry Fulmer.

Dr. Mark Feldman

Dr. Jan Linhart and Dr. Gary Ruth

Noted Documentary Photographer Phil Borges is Special Guest

The Second Annual Dean's Colloquium, hosted in April by Dean Bertolami, once again brought together major stakeholders in dental education, organized dentistry, and the corporate sector, along with selected NYU officials, to address the issue of what the NYU College of Dentistry can do that we are not already doing to make a meaningful difference in people's lives, especially people in the developing world.

The colloquium began with a report by Dr. Mark Feldman, Executive Director of the New York State Dental Association and former President of the American Dental Association, on the progress to date of a collaborative model designed to increase access to oral care by recruiting practicing dentists who are members of the New York State Dental Association to join NYUCD's existing outreach infrastructure. The model had been proposed at the 2009 inaugural colloquium by Stanley Bergman, Chairman and CEO of Henry Schein, and was piloted in October 2009 in Hudson, New York, a severely medically underserved area in upstate New York with funding from Dentsply.

Dr. Feldman noted that participating dentists expressed a desire to pursue additional volunteer opportunities in the future, and that data from the Hudson outreach suggest that prevention programs, if they are designed for sustainability over the long term, can do much to dramatically decrease the incidence of caries in children in underserved communities.

The second portion of the program featured Dr. Phil Borges, who has documented indigenous and tribal cultures around the world for over 20 years. An orthodontist by training, Dr. Borges left practice after taking a photography course, which spurred his passion to use photography to create a heightened understanding of issues faced by people in the developing world. The result has been a series of award-winning exhibits, books, and multimedia projects, including "Bridges to Understanding," an online program that connects youth worldwide through digital storytelling in order to enhance cross-cultural understanding and build a sense of global citizenship in youth.

Dr. Borges presented photos from his most recent project, "Stirring the Fire," a global movement to empower women and girls. In addition to photographs, the project includes a book, Women Empowered, with a foreword by former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. For more about Dr. Phil Borges's vision and work, please go to