Research in Focus
NYUCD Moves Up to Third Place in National Research Rankings

The NYU College of Dentistry is now in third place among US dental schools receiving federal funding from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), of the NIH, according to the national research rankings for 2009. These rankings are one public measure of the robustness of NYUCD's intellectual climate and contributions to science.

"The indisputable engine of a college's success in research funding is its faculty," said Dean Bertolami. "NYUCD's advancement to this point has been the result of the great research faculty recruited over the years. But all faculty—clinicians and researchers alike—deserve credit for creating a warm and congenial collaborative environment that values creativity and the generation of new knowledge. Of particular importance has been the leadership of Vice Dean for Research Louis Terracio, who has played a pivotal role in building and sustaining the research core of the NYU College of Dentistry."