Research in Focus
19 Students Honored at 2010 Research Days

Student research award winners, back row, from left: Pablo Peixoto, postdoctoral research fellow in Basic Science & Craniofacial Biology; Hans Hsu, DDS '13; Sabrina Kamer, BA NYU College of Arts & Science, '13; Robert Range, DDS '12; Lyra Wright, PG Periodontics, '10; Yoo Shin, DDS '12; Xiaojie Ji, MS in Biomedical Engineering, '10 NYU Polytechnic Institute; Joohyang Park, PG Periodontics, '10; Daniel Tormeti, PG Periodontics, '10. Front row, from left: Rebecca Arunasalam, DDS, '13; Paria Goodarzi, DDS, '12; Andreas Barbetseas, PG Periodontics, '11; Christo Lolis, PG Periodontics, '11; Andrew Yampolsky, DDS '10.

NYUCD's annual Student Research Day grew significantly in 2010, by covering two days (April 21 and 22) instead of one day, and by showcasing outstanding work by 15 dental students, a nursing student, and, for the first time, a master's degree candidate from the NYU Polytechnic Institute, plus two undergraduate students from the NYU College of Arts & Science. Twenty-four faculty members judged 113 submissions that spanned areas of interest ranging from the basic sciences to biomedical engineering. Vice Dean for Research Dr. Louis Terracio presided over the two-day poster presentations and awards presentation.

"All of the awardees have contributed to the knowledge base in the health sciences," said Dean Bertolami. "Their achievements and their collaborations with faculty mentors exemplify NYUCD's commitment to research as an integral part of the dental education experience."

NYUCD congratulates all of the awardees on their significant contributions to the knowledge base in the health sciences.

The student winners and their submissions are listed below:

AADR Research Fellowship
Mr. Hans Hsu, DDS '13
Organogold(III) Complexes Selectively Induce Apoptosis in Malignant Rather Than Normal or Premalignant Oral Epithelial Cells
Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Kinnally

AADR Research Fellowship;
Dean's Research Award

Mr. Robert Range, DDS '12
The Role of BAX Translocation and MAC Formation on Mitochondrial Dynamics
Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Kinnally

Student Research Group Award
Ms. Yoo Shin, DDS '12
Characterization of Satellite Cells from Rats and Expanded in Culture
Advisor: Dr. Louis Terracio

Outstanding Case Presentation by a DDS Student
Mr. Andrew Yampolsky, DDS '10
Idiopathic Condylar Resorption, Pathophysiology and Treatment
Advisor: Dr. Robert Glickman

ADA/Dentsply Student Research Award
Ms. Rebecca Arunasalam, DDS '13
Relation of Comorbid Fibromyalgia to Pain Threshold and Severity in TMD Patients
Advisor: Dr. David Sirois

Jonathan A. Ship Award for Excellence in Clinical or Translational Research;
ADA/DENTSPly Student Research Award
Ms. Paria Goodarzi, DDS '12
Correlation Between Mode of Delivery,
S. mutans Colonization, and Early Childhood Caries in Thai Children
Advisor: Dr. Yihong Li

Nursing Research Award
Ms. Lori M. Kraljevic, MS in Nursing '10
Hypercholesterolemia in Children, Implementation of the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines
Advisor: Dr. Donna Hallas

Master of Science Research Award
Ms. Xiaojie Ji, MS in Biomedical Engineering '10, NYU Polytechnic Institute
Characterization of Bacterial Nuances in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Tissues
Advisor: Dr. Deepak Saxena

Postdoctoral Research Award;
Dean's Award for Postdoctoral Research
Dr. Pablo Peixoto
In Search of the Structure of MAC in the Mitochondrial Outer Membrane
Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Kinnally

Postgraduate Resident Research Award in Pediatrics
Dr. My Kim Tran, PG '10
DNA Isolation from Forensic Dental Specimens
Advisor: Dr. Amr Moursi

Postgraduate Resident Research Award in Periodontics
Dr. Daniel Tormeti, PG '10
A Modified Early Protocol for Implant Placement: A Retrospective Case Series
Advisor: Dr. Sang-Choon Cho

Postgraduate Resident Research Award in Implant Dentistry
Dr. Joohyang Park, PG '10
Use of a Multi-Purpose Omnivac Shell for Immediate Loading in the Mandible—A Case Series
Advisor: Dr. Sang-Choon Cho

Honorable Mention, Postgraduate Resident Research in Implant Dentistry
Mr. Andreas Barbetseas, PG '11
The Width of Keratinized Tissue Around Implants Supporting Overdentures: Significance and Methods: A Literature Review
Advisor: Dr. Christian Stappert

Dr. Christo Lolis, PG '11
Retrospective Study of Simultaneous Placement of Dental Implants with Bone Graft in Atrophic Ridges
Advisor: Dr. Sang-Choon Cho

Dr. Lyra Wright, PG '10
Maxillary Sinus Complications Requiring Retreatment
Advisor: Dr. Sang-Choon Cho

Excellent Presentation, Dental Hygiene
Ms. Amy Soss, AAS '10, and Ms. Ashley Pisani, AAS '10
The Effects of Bulimia on the Oral Cavity
Advisor: Professor Cheryl Westphal

Undergraduate Recognition
Ms. Sabrina Kamer, BA '13, NYU College of Arts & Science
Could Low-Dosage of Doxycycline Be Considered for Alzheimer's Disease Treatment?
Advisor: Dr. Angela Kamer

Ms. Shivani V. Shah, BA '13, NYU College of Arts & Science
Antibody Response to Periodontal Bacteria Depends on the ApoE Status
Advisor: Dr. Angela Kamer