Celebrating Our Community
Susan Abraham's Sculptures Go Global

A working photo showing Susan sanding a sculpture originally carved from a six-ton block of black marble over a four-week period at the First International Stone Sculpture Symposium in Monterrey, Mexico, In October 2007.

The finished sculpture was on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO) in Monterrey, and is now in the possession of one of the symposium's sponsors.

Two views of "Watermark," which Susan carved from 1,000 pounds of Croatian limestone during 14 days at the International Stone Sculpture Symposium in Balatonfured, Hungary, in summer 2008.

When she is not at her day job as NYUCD's Director of Administration, Susan Abraham dedicates herself to carving site-specific, massive stone sculptures commissioned by international arts and public works organizations.

"Symposiums offer a fantastic opportunity to work in a foreign land," says Susan, "alongside sculptors from countries across the globe, often carving local stone, and, at the same time, teaching the public about art and the stone-carving process."

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