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Spanish Gallery Exhibits Dr. Timothy Bromage's Art from the Microscope

The Kubo-Kutxa Exhibition Hall in San Sebastian, Spain

One of Dr. Timothy Bromage's micrographs on exhibition.

An exhibition of scientific imaging as art by Dr. Timothy Bromage, an Adjunct Professor of Biomaterials & Biomimetics and of Basic Science & Craniofacial Biology, opened in April at the Kubo-Kutxa Exhibition Hall in San Sebastian, Spain-one of Europe's most prestigious showcases for contemporary art. This is the exhibition's most recent stop on a world tour that began in 2004.

"Osseous Cosmos" (roughly translated as the "Skeletal Cosmos") features images of hard tissue structures that Dr. Bromage captured with the microscopes in his laboratory at NYUCD. Dr. Bromage uses microscopes to analyze hard tissue patterns occurring in bones, teeth, fish scales, and other structures for clues about an organism's life history. Using digital imaging, Dr. Bromage creatively alters colors to highlight miniscule but important features or to apply computer formulas (algorithms) to calculate the tissue's growth rate, creating images that are startling in their beauty as well as in their scientific importance.