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How to Make a Dental Student's Day-A-Patient Letter to the Dean Lauds "Truly Rare Kindness and Compassion"

Ms. Bernice Ravitz was anxious when she arrived at NYUCD in fall 2007 to explore treatment options for her two missing lower-right posterior teeth. Now, several years into her treatment, she is so pleased with her experience that she recently wrote a letter to Dean Bertolami lauding the care she received from Dr. Lee Ann Clark, Class of 2009.

"Lee Ann made sure she allayed all my fears and apprehensions," Ms. Ravitz wrote. "She attended to my every dental need not only with an expertise that never ceases to amaze me, but with a kindness and compassion that I feel is truly rare."

"Ms. Ravitz was interested in implants, but worried about having to get bone grafts, since she has diabetes and knew that diabetics often heal slowly from surgery," recalls Dr. Clark, who was assigned to provide Ms. Ravitz's care. "Ms. Ravitz also was concerned that the immune-suppressing medication she took for Crohn's disease could further affect her recovery from surgery."

"I put her at ease by assuring her that we would go step-by-step and cover all of our bases in determining the best course of treatment," said Dr. Clark, "and I gave her lots of specific information about the pros and cons of every option available to her."

"After doing a CT scan and consulting with the Ashman Department of Periodontology & Implant Dentistry, I ruled out implants because Ms. Ravitz's bone loss levels required bone grafting surgery. Next, I consulted with the Department of Prosthodontics about doing a bridge, but we eliminated that as an option because it would require grinding down two good teeth. As a result, I decided that a removable partial denture was the best course of treatment."

"Believe me, I was nervous," Ms. Ravitz says of the denture fitting. "Lee Ann took care all the time to make sure everything fitted exactly, so that the denture was perfect. And it is!"

"“I am glad she decided to go into dentistry. I know she will be a credit to her school and to the profession and her peers."