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NYU's Dental and Nursing Vans Deliver On-Site Health Services and Education to Brooklyn Youngsters

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz (holding toothbrush and teddy bear) presided at the inaugural partnering of NYU's dental and nursing vans.

For the past eight years, the NYU College of Dentistry has provided comprehensive dental services for children in pre-K through the fifth grade at PS 73 in Brooklyn through its mobile dental care program, Smiling Faces, Going Places. On June 8, 2009, the NYU College of Nursing's Feeling Good in Your Neighborhood medical services van joined the Smiling Faces, Going Places van for the first time to expand access to primary healthcare services for Brooklyn youngsters.

"Our objective," said Dean Bertolami, is "to underscore the proposition that New York's youngsters deserve both the best general health care and the best oral health care. By bringing the two 'sister' vans together, NYU is expressing its commitment to total health care for New York City youngsters."

Groups of children in pre-K through first grade came aboard the nursing van beginning at 9:30 a.m. to receive health promotion education. Each child also received a free teddy bear. At the same time, groups of children in pre-K through fifth grade received dental care aboard the dental van, as well as a "goody bag" of dental care products. At 10 a.m., Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz officially welcomed the "sister" vans to PS 73.

Brooklyn Borough President Markowitz said, "As someone who was chubby as a kid and has struggled with weight and health issues in my 'maturer' years (not to mention that my family's dental history is a dentist’s dream!), I know that getting our children on the road to healthy lifestyles in their most formative years is critical in the battle against childhood obesity, diabetes, and other medical issues that affect Brooklynites at alarming rates. So bravo to the NYU College of Dentistry and the NYU College of Nursing for taking good health 'on the road' by providing dental and medical services that give students at PS 73 even more reasons to smile and live long and healthy lives!"