Grants and Philanthropy
A Gift from the Heart from Dr. Leonard V. Settembrini, Jr.

Dean Bertolami with Dr. Leonard V. Settembrini, Jr., and his father, Dr. Leonard V. Settembrini, Sr.

Recently, Dr. Leonard V. Settembrini, Jr., Class of 1988, and his father stopped by the College for a chat with Dean Bertolami and to view the Dr. Leonard V. Settembrini, Jr., Instructional Dental Technology Station, which was funded by a gift from Dr. Settembrini.

"I am so honored to have this opportunity to thank Dr. Settembrini for his generosity and to congratulate him on the naming in his honor of the College's Instructional Dental Technology Station," said Dean Bertolami.

"Dr. Settembrini is fondly remembered at NYUCD, most notably as an outstanding student mentor, advisor, teacher, faculty member, and administrator. It can truly be said of Dr. Settembrini that he embodies the highest ideals of the NYU College of Dentistry and its mission to serve the public."

"This gift comes from my heart," said Dr. Settembrini, who was forced by a serious illness to leave his duties at the College in 1999. "I loved teaching, loved my colleagues, and loved my entire time at NYUCD. It is a privilege for me to be able to give something back that is benefiting current students and faculty."