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NYUCD Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program Dedicated

From left: Assistant Dean for Alumni Affairs & Development Rita Startup, Mrs. Ellen Linhart, Dr. Jan Linhart, Dean Bertolami, Assistant Dean for Continuing Dental Education Ken Beacham

An early evening view of the East River from the Water Club, where the event was held.

The Linharts with their sons Zach and Alexander.

Guests at the celebration.

The NYUCD Linhart Continuing Dental Education program was officially dedicated on June 3, 2009, at an elegant reception at New York City's Water Club hosted by Dean Charles N. Bertolami.

"Jan Linhart's story of an immigrant's successful rise to professional and social prominence through higher education is at the core of the American dream, as is his determination to give something back to his alma mater. By investing in continuing education at NYUCD, Jan and Ellen Linhart are keeping the dream alive. Their extraordinary generosity reflects their conviction that a dental degree is just the prelude to lifelong learning."

In his remarks, Dr. Linhart, a graduate of the Class of 1979, spoke of the major formative influences in his life, beginning with his parents. "My father," he said, "was a widely admired and respected Czechoslovakian physician who emigrated to the United States with his young family after World War II, so that we could grow up in a free country. He was my role model and taught me that I could achieve anything I aimed for, as did my mother, a Buchenwald and Auschwitz survivor, who passed away just a few weeks ago. It was a source of profound joy to her that Ellen and I had made this gift to NYUCD."

"My second most formative influence, my wife, Ellen, has been the foundation of our family, which means everything to me. She has given me two wonderful sons, the gift of peace of mind, and her talent and dedication in helping to advance the Linhart dental practice, where she currently serves as Chief Marketing Coordinator."

"The third most important influence in my life has been the United States, both as the symbol of skyscrapers and big cars that I dreamed of as a young boy, and, since my arrival, as the place where dreams can come true."

"NYUCD's Continuing Dental Education program, which reaches out to the world, has extended the influence and impact of that dream. No less than the American dream itself, it is an engine for personal and professional renewal, and it is an honor for our family to have our name linked with it in perpetuity."