Focus on International Faculty
Dr. Bijan Khaknegar-Moghadam: An International Innovator in Prosthodontics Education

For the past three decades, Dr. Bijan Khaknegar-Moghadam, an Associate Professor of Prosthodontics and Preclinical Course Director in Removable Prosthodontics, has played a key role in shaping prosthodontics education, both in his native Iran, and, since 1985, at NYUCD.

A 1972 graduate of the Teheran University School of Dentistry, Dr. Moghadam earned a certificate in prosthodontics from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 1976, then returned to Iran the following year to oversee Teheran University's newly established advanced education program in prosthodontics and to teach prosthodontics to predoctoral students at the Isfahan University School of Dentistry. Dr. Moghadam introduced students in both schools to new concepts in complete and partial denture treatment, and authored the first prosthodontics manuals in Farsi, the national language of Iran.

After the Iranian Revolution, Dr. Moghadam returned to the United States. At NYUCD, his accomplishments include coauthoring NYUCD's first online Preclinical Manual for Removable Prosthodontics, which features dozens of pages of illustrations to guide students step-by-step through the process of placing both complete and partial dentures. Dr. Moghadam's daughter, Dr. Marjan Moghadam, Class of 1999, Advanced Education in Prosthodontics Program Class of 2002, a Clinical Assistant Professor of Prosthodontics, and co-director of the Fixed Prosthodontics Clinic, coauthored the manual, which is under consideration for publication in MedEdPortal, a central repository for high-quality, peer-reviewed, online educational resources cosponsored by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the American Dental Education Association (ADEA).

"Dr. Bijan Moghadam has worked tirelessly to bring innovative approaches to teaching and patient care," said Dr. Leila Jahangiri, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Prosthodontics. "For example, when a growing body of evidence suggested that an overdenture attached with just two implants could significantly improve bone retention in a patient's jaw for life, Dr. Moghadam took a leading role in making NYUCD the first dental school in the country to teach predoctoral students to make implant overdentures a standard treatment option. His ability to present complex new concepts in a clear and easily understandable fashion has earned him a reputation as a great mentor to both students and fellow faculty."