Focus on International Faculty
Dr. Olivier Nicolay: A Commitment to Increased Rigor in Orthodontics Specialty Training

"When I graduated from Paris Descartes University School of Dentistry in my native France in 1979," recalls Dr. Olivier Nicolay, Clinical Associate Professor of Orthodontics and Director of the Advanced Education Program in Orthodontics at NYUCD, "I had to choose between pursuing my postdoctoral orthodontics training in an intensive, full-time program in the United States, or remaining in France, where only part-time programs were available."

Dr. Nicolay chose to come to the United States, where he earned a certificate in orthodontics from the Harvard University School of Dental Medicine prior to joining NYUCD in 2002. "While it was difficult to leave France, the intensive training I received in the U.S. was a great investment in my future and made me appreciate the value of rigorous, hands-on clinical instruction."

Because of his commitment to intensive, hands-on specialty training, Dr. Nicolay is enthusiastic about the expansion of NYUCD's Advanced Education Program in Orthodontics from a two-year to a three-year program, effective September 2009. Says Dr. Nicolay, "The additional year will enable us to provide extensive instruction in such areas as the utilization of temporary anchorage devices and accelerated tooth movement through minimally invasive orthognathic surgery, as well as more exposure to multidisciplinary treatment for adult patients involving prosthodontists, periodontists, and oral surgeons."

Also in September, Dr. Nicolay will become Director of the one-year Advanced Program in Orthodontics for International Dentists. His intention is to fully integrate both programs, with participants working side-by-side in a unified group practice that provides continuity of care for all patients.

"Dr. Nicolay has been the driving force behind the continued excellence and expansion of our programs," said Dr. George Cisneros, Professor and Chair of the Department of Orthodontics. "As someone who was satisfied with nothing less than the most challenging clinical education for himself, he appreciates how important it is to give all of our students the kind of rigorous training that he received."