Research in Focus
HIV Research Update Presented by Dr. Daniel Malamud

Dr. Daniel Malamud, a Professor of Basic Science & Craniofacial Biology and Director of the HIV/AIDS Research Program at NYUCD, and a Professor of Medicine at the NYU School of Medicine, presented a research update earlier this year on his NIH-funded study, "Crosstalk Among Oral & Gastrointestinal Soluble Innate Factors, HIV, & Microbes." The event was designed to introduce local physicians and other healthcare providers who specialize in the treatment of HIV, in an effort to recruit drug therapy naive HIV-positive subjects who will subsequently begin HAART (Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy).

The Crosstalk project is a multidisciplinary study, comprising a talented and diverse group of investigators from NYUCD, the NYU School of Medicine, and the Rockefeller University. The five-year, $6.2 million grant was awarded to Dr. Malamud in 2007 by the National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research, a division of the NIH. The study's overall goal is to define inter-actions between cytokines, host defense molecules, and bacteria in HIV infection and subsequent antiretroviral therapy. The study seeks to examine 85 HIV-positive subjects before and after the administration of HAART, in addition to a cohort of HIV-negative control subjects. Subjects will undergo complete oral health examinations, and be followed over the course of two years. Subjects will have blood and saliva collected, as well as tissue samples from the mouth and gastrointestinal tract.

In addition to Dr. Malamud, who heads the Crosstalk study, Principal Investigators of the research projects include Dr. Haiteng Deng, Director, Proteomics Research Center, Rockefeller University; Dr. Yihong Li, Associate Professor of Basic Science & Craniofacial Biology at NYUCD; and Dr. Michael Poles, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Microbiology, & Pathology at the NYU School of Medicine. The Clinical Core is headed by Dr. Joan Phelan, Professor and Chair of the Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology, Radiology, & Medicine at NYUCD. The Administrative/Biostatistical Core is headed by Dr. Malamud and Dr. Robert Norman, Research Associate Professor at NYUCD and at the NYU School of Medicine, and Director of Biostatistics for the Bluestone Center for Clinical Research at NYUCD.

Said Dr. Malamud, "This event served to raise the profile of our study in the New York HIV/AIDS community, and resulted in several other presentations at local hospitals and Community Advisory Boards."