Research in Focus
Student Research Exposition Features Dr. J. William Costerton and Prize-Winning Posters

Dr. J. William Costerton

Dr. Terracio presented NYUCD's Distinguished Scientist Award to Dr. Costerton.

Fourteen students from the College of Dentistry and one student from the College of Nursing were awarded prizes at the 2009 Student Research Exposition. The prize-winning students presented posters selected from 118 submissions. The students shared the spotlight with Dr. J. William Costerton, Director of Microbial Research in the Department of Orthopedics and Director of the Biofilm Research Center for Genomic Sciences at the Allegheny-Singer Research Institute, who spoke on "Microbial Biofilms in Nature and Disease." NYUCD Associate Dean for Research Dr. Louis Terracio presided over the ceremony and presented the seventh annual NYUCD Distinguished Scientist Award to Dr. Costerton.

The student winners and their submissions are listed below:

AADR Research Fellowship;
and Michael C. Alfano OKU Award

Ms. KeunHee "Chrissy" Park, DDS '11
Characterization of Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cells Isolated from Adult
Animals and Expanded in Culture
Advisor: Dr. Louis Terracio

Student Research Group Award
Ms. Thikamphaa Bertrand, DDS '12
Relationship Between Interleukin-6 and CCL2 Production by Oral Carcinoma Cells
in Response to Bacteria Products
Advisor: Dr. Zoya Kurago

Outstanding Case Presentation by a DDS
Student; and Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology,
Radiology & Medicine Student Research
Award for an Outstanding Clinical Poster

Ms. Maryam Toufani, DDS '11
BOTOX® For the Treatment of Classical Trigeminal Neuralgia
Advisor: Dr. David Sirois

VIOlight Jonathan A. Ship
Student Research Award

Mr. Christopher Chiu, DDS '12
Developing a Classification Schema for Open-Ended Responses to a Question
Identifying "At-Risk" Groups Among Volunteers for Biomedical Studies
Advisor: Dr. Ralph Katz

DNA Genotek Award for Oral Health Research
Ms. Florine Abraham, DDS '12
Molecular Analysis of Bacteria Assoicated With Oeteonevrosis of the Jaw
Advisor: Dr. Deepak Saxena

Dean's Research Award
Mr. Robert Range, DDS '12
The Effect of MAC on Mitochondrial Morphology
Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Kinnally

ADA/Dentsply Student Research Award
Mr. Eldon Matthew Lamb, DDS '11
Vector Analysis of Carcinoma Nest Expansion Following Dendritic Cell Contact
Advisor: Dr. Zoya Kurago

Nursing Award
Ms. Nadine Iris Drescher, PhD
Candidate, Nursing
Factors Associated with OR Nurses' Stress Levels During and Six Months after
Implementation of a Computerized Intraoperative Documentation System
Advisor: Dr. Wendy Budin

Great Expressions Dental Centers Award
Dr. Karishma Jumani, PG '09
Chemokine Expression in Orthodontic
Tooth Movement
Advisors: Dr. Cristina Teixeira, Dr. Mani Alikhani

Postgraduate Resident Award
in Periodontics

Dr. Leticia Casanova, PG '09
Implant Placement in the Posterir
Mandible-Pre-Extraction Diagnosis - A CT Scan Study Advisors: Dr. Michael Bral, Dr. Stuart Froum

Postgraduate Resident Research Award
in Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Natasha Khurana, PG ‘09
Smoking Prevention in Children Using Olfactory and Visual Deterrents
Advisor: Dr. Amr Moursi

Postgraduate Resident Award in Orthodontics
Dr. Jeff Ding, PG '09
Evaluation of Accuracy of Facial Growth Prediction by Computer Prediction
Program (Dolphin Imaging 10.5): Burlington Growth Study Between Age 9 Versus
Age 18
Advisor: Dr. Seong Han

Postgraduate Resident Award
in Implant Dentistry
Dr. Paulina Barrientos, PG '09
The Effect of Vital Bone and Survival
for Implant Placement in Augmented Sinuses
Advisors: Dr. Dennis Tarnow, Dr. Joseph Zaky, Dr. Nicolas Elian, Dr. Sang-choon Cho, Dr. Stephen Wallace, Dr. Stuart Froum

Master of Science Research Award
Ms. Marinée G. Cabrera, MS in Biomaterials, '10
Fatigue Failure Modes of Two
Implant-Supported Oxide-Ceramic
Fixed-Partial-Denture Systems
Advisor: Dr. Christian Stappert

Postdoctoral Research Award; and
Dean's Award for Postdoctoral Research
(best overall presentation)

Dr. Shin-Young Ryu, Department of
Basic Science & Craniofacial Biology
Extracellular ATP Mediates the Intercellular Ca2+ Wave Induced by Mechanical
Stimulation in Human Submandibular
Gland Cells
Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Kinnally