Summer 2001 Issue

Table of Contents
Message from the Dean
News from the College Click on Image to Enlarge
On the Road with Smiling Faces, Going Places
A Visit from News Channel 4
Oral Cancer Screenings Added to NYU School of Medicine Program
Sierra Leone War Victims Aided by NYUCD
Hospital-Linked Faculty Practice Opens

International Partners in Health

The Universities of Witwatersrand and Stellenbosch - Dr. Anthony T. Vernillo
Practicing for Life™: Transforming Smiles and Lives - Dr. Donna J. Rumberger
Transformations Click on Image to Enlarge
A Century of Innovations that Transformed the Practice of Dentistry
NYUCD to Launch Major Capital Campaign to Transform the Way
  Dentistry is Taught, Practiced, and Advanced
Philanthropy News
The Magic of Planned Giving: Dr. Samuel W. Askinas Increases
  Personal Income and Support for NYUCD With A Charitable
  Remainder Trust
New York State and The Starr Foundation Provide Major Support
  for Smiling Faces, Going Places
Irwin Scopp Technology Collection Dedicated
Shendell Lecture Series Established
Alpha Omega Foundation Supports Research Fellowship
Applause! Applause! Faculty, Student, and Staff News Click on Image to Enlarge
Local Heroes: Drs. Suela Lenas and Cory Metzger
A Winning Research Day
Remembering Dr. William Greenfield
Third Annual Harold E. Litvak Fellowship Awarded
Celebrating our Community
Focus on Alumni: The Pride of NYUCD
A Journey Through Greek History
The Pride of NYUCD
A Continuing Legacy: Dr. Edward Cleveland, Class of 1891
Alumni Association Officers and Directors: Nominees for 2001-2002
In Memoriam
NYUCD in China

Let Us Hear From You!