Grants and Philanthropy
Manhattan Tobacco Cessation Program Grant
Moves to NYUCD

Dr. Donna E. Shelley

The Manhattan Tobacco Cessation Program (MTCP) grant has moved from Columbia University to NYU. Based in the College of Dentistry, and headed by Dr. Donna E. Shelley, Director of Interdisciplinary Research and Practice, the program will continue to partner with healthcare providers, hospitals, and community health centers throughout Manhattan to assist in building and strengthening patient tobacco cessation services.

Under Dr. Shelley’s leadership, MTCP uses a tailored approach to implement the Public Health Service–sponsored Clinical Practice Guidelines, Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence (2000).

MTCP has created an innovative chart stamp to prompt clinicians to routinely ask patients about tobacco use, advise smokers to quit, and prescribe appropriate pharmacotherapy. In addition to strengthening documentation systems, MTCP also provides training for clinical staff on topics such as brief cessation counseling, best practices in pharmacotherapy, and facilitating onsite quit workshops for patients. MTCP is able to assist partners with the development of tobacco policies and direct linkages to services for patients and staff who smoke, as well as deliver tobacco education materials and nicotine replacement therapy. Best of all, these services are provided free-of-charge to partnering healthcare providers and organizations in Manhattan. If you are a healthcare provider and would like more information about the MTCP or to join our listserv, please call 212.992.7017.

In addition, the NYU Colleges of Dentistry and Nursing recently launched an onsite tobacco cessation program for patients under the supervision of Ms. Madeleine Lloyd, Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Director of the NYU College of Nursing Faculty Practice. Ms. Lloyd is a certified tobacco treatment specialist. The Nursing Faculty Practice at the College of Dentistry is offering both individual and group tobacco cessation treatment programs for the community. For more information, please call 212.998.9420.