Grants and Philanthropy
Tarnow Wing Dedicated

The ribbon-cutting, from left: Mr. Derek Tarnow, Mrs. Karen Tarnow, Executive Vice Dean Richard I. Vogel, Dr. Dennis P. Tarnow, and Dean Charles N. Bertolami.

Front row, from left: Mr. Donald Langenmayr, Assistant Dean Rita Startup, Associate Dean Cosmo DeSteno, Karen and Derek Tarnow, Mrs Christine Langenmayr, Dr. Tarnow, Dr. Robert S. Schoor. Back row, from left: Executive Vice Dean Vogel, Dean Bertolami, Executive Associate Dean Michael P. O'Connor.

An implant dentistry program fellow guides a guest through the facility.

The dedication plaque.

A plaque displaying the flags of 23 countries whose citizens helped to fund construction of the Tarnow Wing.

Over 200 people gathered on April 11, 2008, to celebrate the dedication of the Tarnow Wing for Periodontology and Implant Dentistry, an 8,000-plus-square-foot facility, which includes one full floor dedicated to periodontology and implant dentistry connected by an internal elevator to the floor above, which will house postgraduate prosthodontics. The Tarnow Wing is dedicated to the concept that patients requiring implant dentistry and periodontal care are best served through an interdisciplinary approach.

In 2006, Dennis and Karen Tarnow made a $1 million leadership gift to launch the campaign to build the Tarnow Wing. They were followed by friends and colleagues of Dr. Tarnow’s from around the world, who contributed more than $11 million in additional gifts to enable construction to go forward within just two years.

Speaking at the dedication ceremony, Dean Bertolami said, “The Tarnow Wing for Periodontology and Implant Dentistry recognizes Dennis Tarnow’s more than 30 years of professional excellence in the areas of both periodontology and implant dentistry. Dr. Tarnow, who trained in both prosthodontics and periodontics, is Board-certified in both disciplines and is internationally renowned in the field of implant dentistry. He has taught, mentored, and inspired legions of implant dentists both in the United States and abroad. The Tarnow Wing will allow extraordinarily innovative approaches to the teaching of periodontology and implant dentistry, which will help to set the direction for the practice of dentistry in the future.”

In addition to Dean Bertolami, speakers included Dr. Nicolas Elian, Director of the Advanced Program in Implant Dentistry for International Dentists; and Dr. Tarnow’s friend and classmate, Dr. Larry W. Rosenthal, who had made his own $1 million gift to NYUCD in 2000, which created the Rosenthal Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry (see related story on p. 60). Dr. Tarnow said that he was motivated by Dr. Rosenthal’s example. “Larry knew how much I admired his gift and the satisfaction he had gained from making it. He decided to return the favor by persuading Karen and me to make our own gift. We are grateful that he did. We are also overwhelmed by and deeply grateful for the generosity of our friends and colleagues across the globe, who made this evening possible.”