Spring 2006 Table of Contents
News From the College
Quartararo Department of Endodontics Launches Online Curriculum Enrichment Course

In an effort to enrich the predoctoral endodontic curriculum for students, endodontics faculty, and general practice faculty who are interested in
teaching endodontics, the Dr. Ignatius N. and Sally Quartararo Department of Endodontics has introduced an online, interactive course entitled Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols in Endodontics. The course is available at https://dentalcde.nyu.edu.

"Second-year students are required to take the course prior to their preclinical experience," explained Dr. Paul A. Rosenberg, Professor and Chairman of the Quartararo Department of Endodontics. "The students are required to complete the online course and pass the self-assessment examination. Endodontic faculty and self-selected general practice faculty also complete the course. Third-year students are advised to complete the course, since 15 percent of their didactic examination will be drawn from it, and fourth-year students are strongly encouraged to take the course online as well."

According to Dr. Rosenberg, the course aims to enrich, as well as standardize, the endodontic learning experience. "In the past," says Dr. Rosenberg, "students entered the preclinical laboratory with minimal background in endodontic diagnosis and treatment planning and little understanding of the biological basis of the procedures. Putting the curriculum online enables students to learn at their own pace prior to actually entering the preclinical lab. All second-year students have completed the course, as well as all faculty supervising clinical endodontic procedures. The feedback has been extremely positive."

In addition to Dr. Rosenberg, Dr. Frederick H. Kahn, Clinical Professor of Endodontics, and Dr. Tracy Ellen Kamens, Director of Professional Development and Special Projects, were instrumental in developing the course, which was funded by a grant from Dentsply Tulsa Dental. Plans call for the course to be widely shared with other institutions at home and abroad.