Spring 2006 Table of Contents
News From the College
Oral Cancer Consortium Sponsors Eighth Annual Screening

From left: Dr. Bolagi Ogundare, Clinical Assistant Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; ABC 7's Sam Champion and Dr. Ross Kerr, Chair of the Oral Cancer Consortium

This April, for the eighth consecutive year, NYUCD and the 28 other members of the Oral Cancer Consortium - academic dental centers, hospitals and dental societies - hosted free regional oral cancer screenings throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This year NYUCD alone screened more than 300 people.

According to Dr. Ross Kerr, Chair of the Oral Cancer Consortium, "A good measure of credit for the large turnout is attributable to the extraordinary success of the NYUCD student-led oral cancer walk, which preceded the Consortium screenings by several days and led to heightened awareness of the importance of annual screenings. Equally important, the walk has fostered a movement by future dentists and hygienists to promote early detection and prevention to their patients as routinely as they do regular brushing and flossing. When more and more dentists and hygienists tell their patients to brush, floss, and get screened for oral cancer, all in one sentence, we'll know we've broken through."