Spring 2005 Table of Contents
UMDNJ, SUNY Buffalo, NYUCD Alliance Aims to Teach Practitioners to Create a Shelter-in-Place

Together with faculty from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) and the State University of New York School of Dental Medicine at Buffalo, NYUCD is working to develop a Web site that will provide both dental students and private practitioners with essential information they would need to know in the event of another terrorist attack, particularly one involving bioterrorism.

The partners are focusing on teaching visitors to the site how to create and use a "shelter-in-place" -- a site, in this case a dental office, that could function as a safe haven for dentists, their staff and their patients in an emergency in which hazardous materials are released accidentally or intentionally into the environment and it is necessary to remain indoors. The web site will examine a variety of issues that current and future practitioners would need to understand if there were a biological, chemical or radiological attack, such as how to determine if the water supply is safe to use.

Look for more information on the project and a launch date for the shelter-in-place Web site in a future issue of Global Health Nexus.