Spring 2005 Table of Contents
Research in Focus
Research Day 2005: Dr. Daniel Malamud Shares Spotlight with NYUCD Student Researchers
NYUCD's 2005 Student Research Day honored 17 NYUCD students and Dr. Daniel Malamud, an international leader in oral aspects of HIV and oral-based diagnostics, who has joined NYUCD as a Professor of Basic Science and Craniofacial Biology and Director of the HIV/AIDS Research Program. Dr. Malamud's presentation was entitled "Oral-Based Diagnostics: State of the Art and Novel Approaches." Associate Dean for Research Dr. Louis Terracio presided over the student awards ceremony and presented the third annual NYUCD Distinguished Scientist Award to Dr. Malamud.

ADA/Dentsply Student Research Award
Ms. Christine Calamia, DDS '07
The Effects of Different Testing Rates on Microtensile Testing
Advisor: Dr. Van P. Thompson

Omicron Kappa Upsilon, Omega Chapter Award
Mr. Andy W. Lee, DDS '06
Detection and Quantification of S. Sanguinis in Dental Plaque by Quantitative Real-Time PCR
Advisor: Dr. Yihong Li

Postgraduate Resident Research Award in Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Michelle Backhaus, PG '05
Parental Perception of Their Child's Weight: Beliefs vs. Facts
Advisor: Dr. Frederick G. More

Dean's Research Award
Dr. Lidia Simeonova, DDS '05
Extracellular Matrix Effects Cell-Cell Recognition in Oral Premalignancy
Advisor: Dr. Peter G. Sacks

Student Research Group Award for Excellence in Research
Mr. Eric Niver, DDS '07
Bystander Effect in Single Cells Induced by Microinjection of Cytochrome C
Advisor: Dr. Kathleen C. Kinnally

Master of Science Research Award Marotta Award for Research Excellence
Dr. Jae Hyun Park, Advanced Study Program in Orthodontics for International Dentists '04, MS Biomaterials '06, PG Orthodontics '07
Zn-CaP Materials as Potential Coating for Orthodontic Brackets
Advisors: Dr. Racquel Z. LeGeros, Dr. John P. LeGeros

Postgraduate Resident Research Award in Implant Dentistry
Dr. Cheng Hsun Lee, Advanced Study Program in Implant Dentistry for International Students '05
A New Classification of Maxillary Anterior Deformed Partial Edentulous Ridges for Implant Placement: Using CAT-Scan Evaluation
Advisor: Dr. Stuart Froum

Dr. Paolo Nardinocchi, Advanced Study Program in Implant Dentistry for International Students '05
Implant Design and Survival Rate
Advisor: Dr. Stuart Froum

Postgraduate Resident Research Award in Orthodontics
First Place: Dr. Hung V. Vu, PG '05
Theoretical Basis and Clinical Applications of V-Bends in Orthodontics, including Finite Element Models
Advisors: Dr. Olivier Nicolay, Dr. Dianne Rekow

Second Place: Dr. Scott Gersch, PG '05
A Comparison of Oral Health Related Quality of Life Between Adults and Children
Advisor: Dr. George J. Cisneros

Postgraduate Resident Research Award in Endodontics and Overall Postgraduate Resident Research Award
Dr. Philip Zaveloff, DDS '03, PG '06
Bacteria Associated with Periodontal and Pulpal Disease
Advisor: Dr. Louis Lin

Outstanding Research by an Independent Student
Ms. Sabrina A. Kamer, Forest Hills High School '07
Doxycycline Effect on Metalloproteinases Depends on the ECM Environment
Advisors: Dr. Peter G. Sacks, Dr. Upinder Fotadar, Dr. Angela R. Kamer

Postdoctoral Fellows Research Award
Dr. Christian Stappert, Department of Biomaterials and Biomimetics
Influence of Adhesive Cement Thickness on Fracture Resistance of Ceramic Pressed Materials. In-Vitro Fatigue Study on Three Layer Structures.
Advisor: Dr. Van P. Thompson

Dr. Laurent DeJean, Department of Basic Science and Craniofacial Biology
Oligomeric BAX Is a Component of MAC, the Putative Cytochrome C Release Channel During Apoptosis
Advisor: Dr. Kathleen C. Kinnally

Dental Hygiene Student Research Award
Ms. Lucrezia Careccia, AAS '05, Ms. Jamie DiMaio, AAS '05, Ms. Rosemarie Scavello, AAS '05
The Clinician's Role in the Awareness and Prevention of Risks Associated with Oral Piercing
Advisor: Ms. Eva M. Lupovici

Ms. Lorymar Cruz-Sanchez, AAS '05
Is My Toothbrush Really Clean?
Advisor: Ms. Eva M. Lupovici