Spring 2005 Table of Contents
News from the College
New York State Legislative Scholarship Established
First Scholarship Named for Assemblywoman Barbara Clark

Assemblywoman Barbara Clark

NYUCD has established the New York State Legislative Scholarship, a four-year, $100,000 scholarship that aims to increase the number of underrepresented minorities in dentistry. The first New York State Legislative Scholarship has been named in honor of Assemblywoman Barbara M. Clark (D) of Queens, who identified and successfully nominated a highly qualified individual from an underrepresented group who wants to become a dentist.

The recipient of the first Barbara M. Clark Scholarship is Ms. Rashida Cheatham, a 2005 graduate of York College/CUNY.

"NYUCD is proud to partner with legislators and other community and civic leaders in identifying and recruiting people of color to our learning community," said Dean Alfano. "In return for their help in building diversity at the College, we are pleased to extend the honor of naming any scholarship that the student earns in the name of the sponsoring legislator or other leader. Assemblywoman Clark has done both NYU and society a great service."

Dean Alfano added, "We are optimistic that other New York State legislators will want to participate in this process. Our expectation is to be able to name additional scholarships for other legislators."