Spring 2005 Table of Contents
Focus on Alumni
In Remembrance
Dr. Maurice J. Oringer, Class of 1928

A pioneer in the struggle against oral cancer for more than 50 years, Dr. Maurice J. Oringer began his efforts to raise professional and public awareness of the deadliness of the disease at a time when many dentists weren't routinely doing oral cancer exams. Dr. Oringer used electrosurgery, a technique he invented, to remove suspected cancerous tissue for examination without the fear of spreading the disease through severed blood vessels. His 1957 lecture presented at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, "Electrosurgical Biopsy: A Safe and Simple Technique," was covered in the New York World-Telegram's "Science and Medicine" section.

In 1964, as a consultant to St. Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie, Dr. Oringer helped to create an oral cancer prevention and detection clinic, making St. Francis the only hospital in New York at the time to have such a facility. For the next 40 years he continued to lecture extensively on oral cancer at programs sponsored by the New York State Department of Health, the American Dental Association, the American Cancer Society, and many other organizations.

A loyal alumnus, Dr. Oringer created a scholarship fund at his alma mater in 2000 so that students would be able to concentrate on their studies without suffering under the weight of heavy financial debt, part-time jobs, and other distractions.

In January, Dean Alfano held a memorial service at NYUCD to celebrate Dr. Oringer's vision and dedication to improved public health, calling him a "giant in the campaign against oral cancer." A relative of Dr. Oringer's composed a verse for the occasion which says it all:

Dr. Maurice J. Oringer:
Yes, you were a pioneer.
Yes, you were a crusader.
Yes, you were a lecturer.
Yes, you were a humanitarian.
Yes, you were a philanthropist.
We are all grateful. We do thank you.
We will carry on your crusade.
You will not be forgotten!

Other Passings

With respect and sorrow, we record the passing of four additional distinguished alumni:

Dr. Neal W. Chilton, Class of 1943

Dr. Ira S. Colby, Class of 1941

Dr. Joseph Myron Lichtenstein, Class of 1940

Dr. Marvin Weiss, Class of 1948