Nexus - Spring 2000 Issue     

Screenings Around Town

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Several screening programs conducted last fall exemplify NYUCD's commitment to promoting the well-being of the community. One was a team effort among NYUCD, the SUNY College of Optometry, and the New York College of Podiatry, to offer free screenings for oral health, vision, and podiatric problems. Held in November in recognition of National Diabetes Week, the program drew over 1,000 New Yorkers. In addition to the free screenings, participants received information about diabetes and its implications for oral health, vision, and podiatric health. And NYUCD volunteers had the gratification of contributing their time and talents to a cause larger than any single institution.

In December, NYUCD faculty, students, and staff helped to capture the holiday promise and deliver it to New York's youngsters by participating in a holiday toy drive, sponsored by the NYU Administrative Management Council and New York City's 9th Precinct police station. In addition to contributing and distributing toys, volunteers screened 300 kids on the new NYUCD dental van. Dean Alfano said he could think of no better way for NYUCD to celebrate the season.